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Economic Policy Council

Finland’s Economic Policy Council was established in 2014 to provide independent evaluation of the objectives of economic policy and the effectiveness of the policy measures chosen. Through its work, the Council aims to improve the quality of economic policy decision-making and preparatory work, and to bring an independent and research-based perspective to the public discussion on economic policy. The Council publishes an annual report evaluating recent economic policy decisions. Council’s recent report was published in January 23.

The members of the Council are appointed based on proposals made by the economics departments of universities and the Academy of Finland. The Council consists of a chairperson and four other members. The first chairperson of the Council is Prof. Roope Uusitalo. Other members are Prof. Torben M. Andersen, Prof. Anneli Anttonen, Prof. Kaisa Kotakorpi and Prof. Mikko Puhakka. The term of the current Council is 1.4.2014–31.3.2019.

Report 2017

The Report 2017 of the Economic Policy Council was published on 23.1.2018. The report evaluates the economic, education and innovation policies.

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